Apr 10

Airport antics

Sarah doesn’t like flying with me. It might not be very relaxing, but I am good at getting luggage through airports. Today, I was flying alone to meet her.

Arriving at Edinburgh I was glad I had plenty of time to spare, since the Ryanair check-in desk team took no prisoners. With two bags, one weighing 8kgs and one 21kgs, I was looking at £120 excess baggage charge, which didn’t please me much at all. Unfortunately, one bag was a telescope tripod wrapped in a camping mat with duct tape which made distribution difficult. The foot-under-the-scales trick worked nicely first time around and brought the second bag down to an apparent 17kgs, but I still had to ditch 2kgs. I duct taped my kilt shoe bag to the tripod and started pulling out heavy clothes.

On the second weighing I couldn’t hold my foot still enough and the bag weight was fluctuating wildly. The woman was sharp and started calling her supervisor over because the scales were ‘malfunctioning’. I decided to stop in case I got caught and was left with another 4kgs to ditch. The usual appeals to me being wee and skinny were ignored, of course – “Sorry, it’s Ryanair!” was the familiar response. Fifteen minutes later I escaped, feeling much more heavily laden then when I arrived.

Security were friendly, chatting about the metal in my back and the telescope in my hand luggage.

The plane boarding desk were tougher. I realised early that I was way over the hand baggage limit, with loads of clothes in plastic bags, two rucksacks and a pair of binoculars. I decided to go last in the queue to try to make the staff feel more sorry for me and hopefully more lenient. Sound reasoning, but the gamble didn’t pay off. The woman told me my first bag was fine, then £35 per bag after that and that I was carrying four bags (and that I had to hurry up)! Some onlookers in the next queue gasped and watched for my next move.

Only me left to get on the plane. Rapid-style I started re-packing, again.

As I started putting on clothes more people started watching and laughing. First a hoodie, then a kilt, one of Sarah’s jackets went on and one round my waist. The ensemble was topped off nicely with a kilt jacket and the binoculars stuck up my top. Feeling chuffed I went to pay my £35, boiling, sweating and with some giggles from the crowd only to be told it was cash only – “And you’ll have to REALLY run, because we’re already late!”.

As I sprinted to the cash machine (for some reason carrying both rucksacks!), the rest of the airport lounge seemed to enjoy the sight. It felt like miles. They enjoyed it on the return leg too!

At the desk I was hurried along, I paid and elatedly started to head through the doors as loud applause and laughter broke out from the lounge. I turned, smiled and gave it a bit of the “Fucking-yeeeeaahh!” style arms! Quality – what a way to board a plane, feeling like a superhero!

On the runway I kept hearing “Hurry!” and “Run, run!”. I pegged it up the steps and onto the plane to be greeted by more passengers laughing at the sight of me.

All really rather good fun.

Jun 07

What’s up with the ScottishClimbs server?

In case anyone has been wondering “What’s up with the ScottishClimbs server recently?”, here’s a wee explanation (I guess I’m saying, bear with us!):

Yesterday was interesting. I was up and about at 04:30 to catch a flight to London for a conference related to my work. With ten minutes until my taxi was due, I logged into the server to check my mail. BOOM – something was up! Funky “read-only filesystem” errors and more strange behavior all over the place – can’t do anything. Check the logs, unmount the drive, remount it but still no joy. Five minutes to taxi. Reboot into maintenance mode and start running fsck. Answer “y”, “y”, y”… – should’ve used the “-y” option! Taxi rings, “y”, “y”, “y”; shit, he’s going to leave! “y”, “y”… done! Type “reboot”and run out the door. Phew!

Fortunately, it was all good (at least, as far as I’m aware – I wasn’t online yesterday) – I’m pretty sure we didn’t lose mail (the most important thing, IMO) and I’m assuming SC was OK too. I do think that this filesystem corruption ties into a deeper problem we have though.

You may notice that the server is slow to respond to things sometimes. The lucky devils with @sc mail accounts might have noticed similar slowdowns too. This is usually because the app that runs whatever you’re trying to do is busy hauling itself out of swap space. I’ve spent the last few weeks tweaking the server in various ways – this is part of why things have been up and down recently. The sys admin at work and I have been trying to work out ways to optimise the system, but we’re starting to run out of ideas. The fact of the matter is, the server needs more RAM. Put simply, 256Mb isn’t cutting it. I’m going to continue to try to find ways to trim the RAM usage and stabilise the system (it’s already a lot better than it was), partly becuase I’m really enjoying learning about this stuff but also because we don’t want to spend any money we don’t have to. I suppose ultimately though, we might need to just upgrade our service.

Note: yes, I realise RAM is very cheap. However, since we use a virtual machine we can’t simply upgrade the RAM and need to upgrade our whole service proportionally. In this case it’s pretty much doubling our costs which is why we’re trying some other stuff first.

Apr 07

SC changes

We’ve finally migrated the ScottishClimbs forums. We had been running PhpBB2.x for five and a half years and been getting increasingly frustrated with it for the last three! We’ve moved to Simple Machines and so far (somewhere around a whopping 48 hours) we’re really impressed. Unfortunately, permalinks to the old forums have been broken by this change. Ah well, I have at least tried to keep old links working for SC over the years (sometimes more enthusiatically than others).

We have also migrated all of the written content to the wiki, which is better for everyone. Au revior SC2, you have served us very well. The NRDB and media sections haven’t changed at the moment.

Since my work were nice and gave me a free afternoon off I’ve just spent a very pleasurable few hours browsing around some of the articles on the wiki and posts on the forums. I doubt our enthusiasm will ever be as strong as it once was, but this afternoon has reminded me of one thing: ScottishClimbs is pretty damn cool and definitely worth everything we’ve invested in it.

For me, the most consistently funny posts are from Pure Ned Brilliant. Here are some particularly choice parts for me:


Don’t do it. Keep your work and your re creation separate.

Al is absolutely right. After much deliberation, I started a job shagging supermodels at a thousand quid a day, and it put me right off gloriously abandoned heterosexual lovemaking. So much so, that apparently I am now one of Al’s increasingly recurring homosexual fantasies.


Imagine if you have been working a route for two years, and are just about to go for the lead when a passing orang utan cruises up it and then tries to shag the camera man.


I struggle to see how you can find ‘utter bollocks’ in that statement.

A huge huge congratulations to pete Johnston
for he has been moved from squad to team status on the
Junior British Climbing team

Awesome job pete well done mate
keep up the good work

David, I think you’re right, it may well be impossible. The best I can do is ‘utter bollok’.

I’ll have a consonant please, Norrie.


Sep 06

Migrated blog software (yet again)

I’m checking out Mephisto just now, RSS/Atom readers might have just got some double posts – sorry! I’ve written some more mod_rewrite rules so most of the important old URLs should work fine and, to be honest, I don’t care about any of the more obscure ones.

Recently, I’ve hardly had any time to write here and I hate switching blog software – so why have I done it yet again? Mostly to abandon the downright abysmal Typo and Mephisto offered a simple migration process away from that. So far so good, but we’re a whole two hours in…

We’re also (thankfully!) at least considering using Rails for some projects at work and every little helps when getting back in the swing of things.

May 06

ScottishClimbs has a wiki!

In case you missed it over on SC, we launched our wiki last night!

We expect the entire site to migrate over to the wiki in the coming months and this is a direct replacement for SC3. A wiki should be such a perfect fit for the community-based contribution model that has been the basis of ScottishClimbs all along.

Apr 06

Some ScottishClimbs stats

SC stats, April 06

I wonder if you can spot when Dave Macleod climbed Rhapsody, the world’s first E11? He also put it in our new routes database and gave us his report of the ascent, which helped the traffic too. The second spike is when UKClimbing went down after a major disk crash.

Apr 06

A new blog engine

RSS readers may not have noticed, but I’ve finally migrated this site to Typo on our new server (Mike has too!). My old WordPress 1.2 install desperately needed upgrading and I just fancied a change.

Comments are enabled again and hopefully I’ll be able to control the spam better now. No more gallery, I’m using my Flickr account now.

OK, next task is the SCWiki.

EDIT: it isn’t going well. The two Typo installs on this box are leaking memory like a bastard. It has been suggested to me that the problem lies in some compiled code somewhere, but I’m not so convinced. Running the Apache benchmark tool on the Typo installs on this box makes their memory usage shoot up from 29megs to 79megs (it doesn’t go down again). In contract, the unfinished ScottishClimbs rewrite code doesn’t budge in memory usage when hammered with the same benchmark command. It may not be as simple as this, but it certainly appears to be a Typo problem to me. Sod it, I’m off to the Lakes. I’ll worry about this when I get back.

Nov 05

SC3, again

After about a year of hardly thinking about SC3 at all, we seem to be fired up for it again! We’re still using it as a testbed for ideas that may or may not work, which is one of the interesting bits for me. I also enjoy the fact that I get to work on a project without the time and scope constraints (and the compromises that go with them) that need to be imposed on the projects at work.

Anyone interested in the development of SC should read what Mike has written.

Dec 04

The state of ScottishClimbs

Note: it wasn’t really meant to be, but this post appeared to turn into a bit of a rant about bitching on the SC forums. Anyone reading this might think that it’s all doom and gloom, when in reality it’s not! There are in fact plenty of fresh new faces on the site who are keen and have an open mind, which is just what everyone wants, and all the new traffic is keeping things relatively interesting if nothing else. In truth I was probably just a bit wound up today and that came out in this post, but hey – these things happen! :)

ScottishClimbs is great and I really enjoy seeing how it develops. Our forums have had a reputation for being “dull, yet informative” (paraphrasing from posts on some other climbing forums) for a long time, which I have always taken as a compliment. In fact, I’ve always been proud of our polite and useful debates which don’t tend to tumble into complete drivel at the drop of a hat.

Recently, however, there has been a noticeable shift in attitude of the posts in the forums. More and more people are getting involved in flaming, we now seem to have our fair share of trolls and Dave and the others have been doing more moderating than ever. Sure, more people are using the site now, but at what cost? Unstructured arguing and plenty of the sort of pointless bitchy remarks that the same people would never dare say to someone’s face, it would seem. What a shame.

Of course, most people will realise that many forums on the internet share similar ‘problems’, especially when subjects with such varying views as climbing are discussed. Exceptions to this are forums where people are actually trying to get something constructive done. Web development forums, like Sitepoint, are filled with useful threads and things rarely get heated. Is this because a lot of the people there actually work on the web and grew out of the “let’s cause an argument on the internet” phase when they left school?

I have noted since the start of SC that groups of forum posters seem to come and go, perhaps as people discover the place, get into and then get bored and leave. Maybe this then, is simply a matter of a new bunch of folk appearing, with a chip on their shoulders and a grudge to bear. Myself and the other administrators have always been of the view that we should just let SC head in the direction it wants to take, whatever that is, and we should just give enough nudges to keep things on something approaching reasonable. This will be an interesting time for us then, as there definitely appear to be changes underway. Will we change our minds and set up a draconian set of rules? Will this lot get bored and move on? Will they all get over stop being SAD when the spring comes? Or will the SC team go crazy, shut down the site and start up a knitting forum instead? Only time will tell, I guess.

Here’s a quote from Cassidy, on the SC forums – hopefully everyone on SC will read his post and take it in (but I doubt it). I couldn’t have put it better:

You can’t congratulate kids because they do well in comps, you can’t be a sport climber, you can’t be a boulderer and if you do you will never understand what climbing is… yada yada yada.

I compete, I boulder, I climb trad routes and heaven forbid I like sport climbing. Please be decent enough to recognise that those of us who participate in all parts of climbing (for that’s what all these things are) are not ignorant and may actually be just like you.

Oct 04

Busy bee

Man, I’ve been busy recently. A couple of things of note: last week Stuart and I found one of the best tracks I’ve ever seen. A rather perfect technical singletrack down through some steep woods. If you rode it without stopping it’d maybe be a full five minutes of sustained and techincal riding. Stuart and I stopped at several places on the way down though, some sections just being too technical to get first time, if at all. In the end, a comedy tumble down the hillside put a big hole in my knee and put an end to the games that day. I’m afraid I won’t be disclosing details here, but the usual Haddy posse can be assured they’ll see the trail.

More recently Mike and I have been getting back into SC3 and are keener than ever. Or maybe we’re just keen to get it out of the way. Either way, SC3 development is continuing well and I’m making use of, and getting used to, the MVC web application architecture. ScottishClimbs itself seems to be growing well – we’ve recently released our own Apple iPods, with climbing accessories.

I’ve also just had a look at the new KiteWorld magazine. It’s not very often that I say “Fuck me!” when I look in kite magazines anymore, but this issue has some pretty special shots of wave riding in Indo. Definitely worth checking out and it’s made me really want to get away somewhere with consistent wind and waves.

Jun 04

Well, it’s done.

As readers who aren’t reading this via RSS will probably have noticed, the site re-design is complete. Actually it’s only about 95% complete, but I got fed up with this version not being live as it has already taken much longer than expected and I want to get back to having time to write things occasionally!

What’s new then?

Quite a lot actually, although prepare to be bored by the next few sentences. Obviously the look of the site has changed quite a lot – I think the flowers and the colours are cool – and the CSS is pretty well supported across browsers. Big thanks to Stuart for coming up with the background and the header image, nice one man. The previous site templates were poor, so I’ve re-constructed them to use better valid markup (still not perfect, but getting there) and used the re-design as an opportunity to migrate to WordPress (more on that coming at some point). I’ve started to use a ‘link blog’ on the right of the main page for somewhere to put potentially interesting links for folk to read.

I’ve also added a little gallery to the site, something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. It’s not as complicated as the SC one, which is exactly what I wanted. I also added a few pages to the WP admin panel to add and manage photos so expect more to go up in the near future. These are quite hacky and specific to this site so I won’t be releasing the code for them. I will release a little plugin that allows you to run PHP in your posts though, just as soon as I get round to posting about it.

The referrer logging has gone, I was getting too much referrer spam! Hopefully the comments system is better and the comments, trackbacks and pingbacks are now integrated on a single post if that makes sense. I’ve now setup redirects for the RSS feeds (as promised ;)) and hopefully all of the previous permalinks. Please let me know if you spot anything like this that isn’t working.

What is still to do?

There are a few little things still to do. IE5/5.5 on the PC still has some little display problems that shouldn’t be too hard to fix and there are the inevitable little CSS tweaks here and there. The links page is still to come. I haven’t tackled this yet as I’m not exactly sure what I want – it’s a shame that WordPress doesn’t support nested link categories like it does for posts as I want it on links but not posts! I’ll get round to sorting out the search results page to somthing more sensible soon and a a link blog RSS feed would be cool too.

Phew! That’s all I can think of just now, but there is probably more. A post or two about WordPress coming soon.

Jun 04

Site re-launch

I’ve finally got off my arse and re-developed this site. Expect it to go up in the next week or so and when it does for some of the permalinks and stuff to break (hopefully temorarily).

The RSS feed URLs will be changing – I’ll try to setup redirects so that it all sorts itself out, but be aware that you could be missing out on loads of amazing content if it doesn’t (whatever).

Once it’s up and running I’ll post a few more thoughts about the migration from Movable Type to WordPress and maybe something about my WordPress hacks. Until then, stay tuned.

May 04

Migration to WordPress

After some more time playing with WordPress nI’ve got some more spraff.

Documentation isn’t that good IMO, so prepare to do some searching.
Knowledge of PHP is very handy if you want to do much with it.

One final thing – they have “CODE IS POETRY” next to their valid xhtml and css links. Geek cool.


RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^categories/(.)/(feed|rdf|rss|rss2|atom)/?$ /wp-feed.php?category_name=$1&feed=$2 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^categories/?(.
) /index.php?category_name=$1 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^archives/author/(.)/(feed|rdf|rss|rss2|atom)/?$ /wp-feed.php?author_name=$1&feed=$2 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^archives/author/?(.
) /index.php?author_name=$1 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^archives/([0-9]{4})?/?([0-9]{1,2})?/?([0-9]{1,2})?/?([_0-9a-z-])?/?([0-9])?/?$ /index.php?year=$1&monthnum=$2&day=$3&name=$4&page=$5 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^archives/([0-9]{4})/([0-9]{1,2})/([0-9]{1,2})/([_0-9a-z-]+)/(feed|rdf|rss|rss2|atom)/?$ /wp-feed.php?year=$1&monthnum=$2&day=$3&name=$4&feed=$5 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^archives/([0-9]{4})/([0-9]{1,2})/([0-9]{1,2})/([_0-9a-z-]+)/trackback/?$ /wp-trackback.php?year=$1&monthnum=$2&day=$3&name=$4 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^feed/?([_0-9a-z-]+)?/?$ /wp-feed.php?feed=$1 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^comments/feed/?([_0-9a-z-]+)?/?$ /wp-feed.php?feed=$1&withcomments=1 [QSA]

May 04

Blog redesign time

Freaky – I’ve been thinking about redesigning my blog for a while now, then Mike goes and posts something about him wanting to do it. Guess we’d better get on the case then.

OK, so we see each other loads and it’s not that freaky.

Apr 04

SC3 core

I’ve finally got back into coding mode for SC3, after doing the Wind Things team site and generally messing about.

At the last meeting it was agreed that the posts should all be single page afairs, even if they are very long. This is the internet, and people are used to scrolling down. Thankfully, this makes life much easier coding wise!

Right now we’re working on the ‘SC3 core’, which consists of the posts, the categories and area tagging system and the gallery. The true core of the site is just the posts, but we feel that the gallery is such an important part of the site that we need to develop it at the same time. We have designed the site to be modular – new route facilities, winter conditions, personal profiles, event lists etc can all be bolted onto the site.

Mar 04

Ratho climbing centre

Ratho climbing centre is one of the biggest climbing walls in Europe. The concept was pretty cool – cover an existing rock climbing quarry with a big roof, keep some of the existing routes climbable, stick in a huge climbing wall and plant a building there with offices, cafes and shops.

Unfortunately it should have remained just that – a concept, a dream. As Mike suggested to me, they should have built a big warehouse type building and stuck it in a field somewhere for £1m. Add some offices and a climbing wall for another �1m and that’s �18m saved. I’ve never built a climbing wall so I’m probably talking rubbish, but you get the idea. Building it in the quarry has always seemed like a needlessly frivolous expense. It’s a great shame that it’s future is so uncertain as it is without doubt a great facility. Hopefully they can sort something out, I might not have a chance to climb there!

Let’s just thank God they did it at Ratho, not Cambusbarron :)

Mar 04

SC3 lists


Dry Tooling
Foreign Office
Site News/Announcements
Climbing issues

Feb 04

SC3 plans

As Mike has pointed out, we’ve been having a major re-think of the entire viewing experience of SC. After deciding to go down the line of massively linking all of our data it quickly became apparent that the current system of categorisation is not really all that ideal. We’re aiming for a system where users browse the site and are constantly presented with links to associated information. This, we hope, will make the site much better for browsing, especially for those who don’t know exactly what they’re looking for.

As well as linking the data we’ve got at ScottishClimbs, I’d also love to have related information from some of the other sites on the net. New routes are the first obvious choice where entering a route on another site would either automatically add it to the SC NRDB or just display it on the site, and vice-versa of course. Weather information would be another excellent resource to bring in from the specialised weather sites.

Of course this relies on the other sites actually wanting to take part in this (the incentive is that we would drive traffic to their site), but I think that aggregating data in this way is going to play a major part in the internet in the near future.

One problem with all this related information is where to put it all! We’re going to need to think hard about how to get everything onto the site without making the site too busy as screen real estate is in short supply. We’ve certainly got plenty to do!

The bare bones of the Admin Panel is nearly done and our focus is moving now to the implementation of the ‘SC Browser’ (or whatever it’s getting called) and the NRDB. I really want us to improve the usability of the NRDB and that’ll be another good challenge.

Feb 04

The Slashdot Effect and SC search queries

This post reminded me to write something about the Slashdot Effect. I hadn’t heard of this until a couple of weeks ago when ScottishClimbs was down for a couple of days because of it.

The Slashdot Effect is where a very popular site, like Slashdot, links to an article on a much smaller site which is unable to handle the sudden large increase in traffic. We’re on shared hosting so (unfortunately!) that downtime wasn’t actually caused by us.

I’ve also had a good nosey through the stats for SC and the blogs. Nothing particuarly amusing to report for SC I’m afraid. This site has been getting loads of visits from searchers of “broken back”, “css transparency” and “css blog”. I can understand the broken back thing, but there must be many more relevant sites than this one about CSS transparency. I’m still not sure why blogs get such good search results in Google, maybe I’ll look into it sometime. Yesterday someone got to the site by “cock up” which I thought was a strange thing to search for!

Jan 04

Change of site address!

We’ve decided to move our blogs to different addresses and although I’ll setup re-directs from the current blogs these will expire at some point so please change your bookmarks and links once we’ve moved. We will be moving the sites over in the next couple of days so if anything goes funky, that’s why. The RSS feeds will also change locations.

This site will soon be located at

Mike Lauder’s site will be

EDIT: we’ve mostly shifted the sites over and have hopefully changed all our links. There might be a couple of trackbacks pointing to the wrong place, but I reckon it’s mostly OK. I’ve also reset my entry referrers for the new domain.

Jan 04

ScottishClimbs re-structuring

There have been some good suggestions for SC3 on the forums which is excellent. Hopefully that thread will continue to produce more good ideas. Mike Lauder has also posted part 3 of his mini-series about the re-structuring, which is all about the NRDB this time. The new routes section is something that we really need to work hard on as it could be an excellent resource.

Mike and I have been thinking hard about how to make the data accessible in new (and hopefully better) ways and I think we’re starting to get there. Basically it’s looking like the site is heading towards completely integrating all of the data, almost exactly as James Sheffield and I had envisaged when we created the first database schema for the site back in the day. When I actually implemented the site though some things, like routes being on buttresses on crags, were dropped in favour of keeping things a little simpler for the user and in SC3 we need to make sure is still the case.

Proper integration of all our data could be excellent (think of looking at a crag and having all the related data to hand straight away) and I’m much more keen on implementing this than adding new features to the site, initially at least. One thing that has cropped up a couple of times on the forums is a site-wide search facility. Complete fulltext searching will definitely be implemented in SC3.

Unlike Mike I’d like to keep the conditions database to see if it will work. The current implementation was very rushed and is poor. Would be quite interesting to see if doing it again will see it get anymore use, although it is a low priority IMO. There are also a few nifty interface features and stuff we’d like to implement, but thinking about this stuff is a fair way away yet.

Jan 04

Blog maintenance

Finally got round to re-coding the templates that Movable Type comes with to something a bit tidier and meaningful. Still not happy with the commenting system, but that’ll have to wait for a wee while I think. Donald, just for you I’ve added a summaries RSS feed :). Points awarded to any kiters who can name the famous kitesurfing spot I’ve used in the header. I’ve also taken Mike’s lead and setup a ScottishClimbs category as I can see it getting a lot of action in the next few months.

I’ve started getting stuck into the PHP for SC3. We’re still conceptualising the site itself, but it’s looking like it’s going to be epic and I can’t wait to get a beta version of the site working. Mike has been thinking about SC data structuring and has come up with some nifty ideas. Will be interesting to see what’s in part 3 of his series (hopefully tomorrow).

Jan 04

ScottishClimbs 3

The re-development of ScottishClimbs is well under way now and is looking like being a really good challenge – there are already some key decisions that we’ve had to make. ScottishClimbs as it is was my/our first attempt at a CSS only site, so we’re really enjoying getting stuck into the third incarnation and testing all of our development skills.

As Mike says we’re putting a lot of thought into data structuring and how to better use the content we’ve built up as well as loads of other stuff. It’s gonna be good…

Dec 03

Mike Lauder, romantic consultant

Just been looking through November’s site stats and it looks like Mike’s blog, No Visual Output, is currently number one in a google search for “ways of chatting up a girl”, quite cool.

I like looking at web stats, probably because I’m sad. In September someone got to ScottishClimbs via a search for “how to fuck properly” and I’m sure I remember there being another classic to do with shagging. ScottishClimbs has nearly doubled it’s traffic in the last year, which is very cool, and I’m glad we got our extra bandwidth for the last month or two. Not much of our traffic comes from search engines, possibly because we don’t appear very highly in search results. This is hopefully set to change when we put some real effort into getting linked to.

Nov 03

Museums, hoodies and whisky

Headed into Edinburgh yesterday to hook up with Mike and see Matrix 3. I went in early and looked around the Royal Museum. I’d forgotten how awesome it is. It’s worth going just to see the building IMO but it’s fascinating inside too. Also checked out the Museum of Scotland which is a funky new building that is joined on the side, but didn’t like it. I’ve heard people rave about the design, but it didn’t do it for me at all.

Hooked up with Mike and arrived at the cinema to find it closed – permanently. Bugger.

We managed to sort out an order for some ScottishClimbs hoodies instead and then went to the pub with Stuart and the new dude from Wipika where we ended up drinking some savagely expensive (but very nice) whisky – Lagavuilin. Had a giant ‘Salitire Burger’ for dinner to finish the day off – thanks Stuart :)