September, 2015

Sep 15

A pint of Bitcoin


Just when I thought my workplace couldn’t get any cooler, the pub on site – The Royal Dick – has started accepting Bitcoin. I didn’t even really want a pint but couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

Very cool.

Sep 15

Jim Carrey’s graduation speech is one of the best I’ve ever seen

These are the words of an enlightened chap.

It’s all good, but this links to 10 minutes in where it starts to get proper decent.

Jim Carrey graduation speech

Sep 15

Journey is one of the best pieces of interactive digital art ever

Just had an absolutely lovely experience playing through Journey. What a gorgeous and moving piece of art.


It is faultless to me. Every single aspect of it is utterly wonderful – every single second was pure joy and marvel! The closest thing to a perfect piece of software that I’ve ever seen.