August, 2015

Aug 15

Stunning juggling performance

This incredible piece of performance art NEEDS to be watched with audio. Watch it to the very end because the entire thing is a fucking masterpiece.

Michael Menes

This is the best juggling performance I have ever seen and it has been a massive influence on my juggling. I saw it about 6 months after really getting into juggling (1999) and it blew my fucking mind. I have finally managed to be able to do all the tricks in it (there’s just one nails trick that has taken 16 years, the rest are doable fairly quickly). Now to try to string them together… See you in another 16 years, I reckon.

Aug 15

The Magic Flute, EIF 2015

The Magic Flute in the Festival Theatre was absolutely incredible.

The Magic Flute

I didn’t expect it to be so funny (but the story is kind of heavy when you think about it!). Totally my cup of tea.

Aug 15

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and the (potential) future of the internet

I read an article called The Web We Have to Save recently. I really enjoyed it and it provided a lot of food for thought about the current state and future of the internet. I’ve already posted that link on Google+, but it seemed like as a good a time as any to start taking control of my own data on the internet again in the spirit of IndieWebCamp.

Somehow, I got to reading about IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), a new peer-to-peer protocol that looks like a really cool distributed file system. Decentralisation just seems like such a good idea – reduced latency, less centralised control and more much, much more permanence. Interesting and exciting stuff.