October, 2010

Oct 10

Stopping Android contact sync losing contacts

When I got my Nexus One, I setup a Gmail account to synchronise my contacts (I don’t use it for email). In the UK at the time all Gmail addresses were @googlemail.com. Sometime since I was given the option to switch it to @gmail.com, which I did because it was shorter to type on the rare occasions I needed to. Things still all worked, or so I thought.

After much frustration and experimentation, I finally figured out that this was the reason that my phone would mysteriously delete contacts or, sometimes, fail to save new contacts at all. Basically, the contact sync appeared to be treating my recently switched-to @gmail.com as a different account and nuking new addresses. Seems like @gmail.com wasn’t simply an alias to @googlemail.com, like it appeared.

The simple way around this was to switch back to @googlemail.com, but it seems strange (and it was really annoying) that I needed to do this at all.