December, 2008

Dec 08

Sansa Clip

I’m not a huge listener of music, but since my way to work usually involves a 30 minute walk through the center of the city these days, some media is nice to have. Graham from work spotted a SanDisk Sansa Clip 4GB for £35 at the airport. I’d never heard of the clip, but a quick play with his was enough to convince me to get one!

It’s very small, weighs very little, has a nice (if small) screen, an unnaturally good battery life and uses a standard USB cable for power and access. The developers also added OGG Theora support at the request of users.

Add to that an FM radio (not particularly great quality in limited my experience) and a voice recorder and it seems like a really nice little late Christmas present. Shame Sarah’s iPod was mysteriously resurrected.