February, 2008

Feb 08

Nibbles, a feed reader for Maemo

I don’t really get on with the supplied RSS reader on my N800. It doesn’t work like I expect and it lacks mobile features like offline reading that I’d like. So, I’m writing a feed reader for Maemo called Nibbles. It’s still very early stages, but there’s enough for a development release now, I think. Below is a screenshot of the current preview version, 0.0.4:

Nibbles screenshot

It seems to cope nicely with a wide variety of RSS and Atom feeds, despite my proof-of-concept code somehow making it into the app ;).

Currently it’s quite bare of features and can be considered the simplest app that could work (for example, the feeds update at a fixed 30 mins). It will likely stay that way until I get a few bugs worked out and 0.1, the first ‘stable’ version, released. After that, I’ll work on some more interesting new features. I’m still very open to suggestions though and all feedback is welcome, so please don’t be shy!

If you’d like to play along and help the development of a better feed reader for your internet tablet, use the .install file. Please report issues to the Maemo Garage tracker.

You can make Nibbles the default feed reader by editing /usr/share/applications/defaults.list. You need to set hildon-news_reader=nibbles.install. This will allow you to tap on the feed icon in a browser window and have the feed added to Nibbles.

I’ve only specified that the app will work in OS2008, but I’m pretty sure it’ll work in OS2007 too. Since I only have an OS2008 machine, I can’t test it easily. If anyone is still using OS2007 and would like to help, please do get in touch.