December, 2007

Dec 07

A Ruby binding to cracklib

Just released rubylibcrack as a gem (0.1.1). I developed this teeny-weeny binding to the *nix password strength checking library cracklib at my work. Big props to my work, they totally get open source and the way things should be done.

The gem has only been tested on Redhat, Fedora, Gentoo and Ubuntu (all 64bit, I think), but I’d love to hear how it fares on other platforms. Here’s a Gentoo ebuild for the package.

Dec 07

Mercurial 0.9.5 for Maemo

I’m using Mercurial to track changes in my latest project, a GTK mapping application. I couldn’t find a build for my N800, so I made one myself. I’ll host a .deb until I get around to putting it on the garage or creating a repository.

Edit: I’ve started a garage project.

To install python2.5-runtime I needed to add to the application catalogue to satisfy some dependencies. Tested with OS2008 beta on an N800 only.