May 2007

Some running in the coe

I got out and about on the hills at the weekend. Buachaille Etive Mòr is really a ridge of four tops and Buachaille Etive Beag, the smaller twin, is a couple of tops. They are probably normally tackled as two day walks, but they aren’t too savage and fit quite nicely together.

Since this was one of my first days out this year I was keen to make sure I felt strong, so I took it pretty easy up the tourist path. A few weeks ago I felt awful on an abortive Arrochar run and I wasn’t keen for that again. It’s pretty straightforward, if rocky, climbing which pops you out just below the top of Stob Dearg. Feeling fit, I cruised along the tops on the ridge (more likely because there’s hardly any ascent…) and back again to the Allt Coire Altruim for dropping down to the Lairig Gartain.

From here, I headed up on some wetter ground to get the Wee Buachaille’s tops. My lazy winter legs were feeling tired, but some food sorted that out and I was soon enjoying the awesome views to the north, taking in the Ben, the Grey Corries and the Mamores which are all part of a big day out I’m wanting to do later this year: Tranter’s Round. More on that later, but for now – see the note.

After absorbing the views for a while (and a few Penguin bars), I had a nice cruise back down to the Lairig and then more gently back to the car, all the while feeling like a fit mountain machine. I can’t kid myself, this was a pretty easy paced and gentle run, but that was point after the dismal attempt in Arrochar and things just felt right. In fact, I was totally psyched all the way home, marred only by getting yet more tick bites – I hate those little bastards.

Note: I’ve shelved plans to run Ramsay’s Round this year. I could say that since I’ve started going out with my totally snazzy new girlfriend, I haven’t been out as much, and I guess that is true, but to be honest I think realism has taken hold. Or is this all just a handy excuse to be soft?


  1. Hi man, im in Poland at present working but after reading your post will definatley go out when im back. Ill get in touch. Was up Coe as well swimming in etive rock pools which are bloody supreme. What would you be up for.

  2. Its all just a handy excuse to be soft.

    And probably the correct decision.

  3. Michael: would love to get back in the Cairngorms again if you’re up for that. There are some good looking remote days I’d like to do there.

    Paul: yeah man, I think you’re probably right!