Sep 2006

Loch Treig hills

Another weekend, another day in the hills. The weather was awesome for a round of the Loch Treig munros – I got a suntan while my friends in Edinburgh were contending with fog. Wicked.

Looking down Lock Treig

The second third of Ramsay’s Round was a total contrast to last weekend. Setting off from Fersit, I trudged up the pathless, boggy and heather covered Stob Coire Sgriodain (which has lovely views to Loch Treig, once you get to the top), then nipped over to Chno Dearg. I descended by the stream near Meall Garbh, but I think I will try just dropping down the ridge, or maybe the stream, from the top of Chno Dearg next time – it would probably be about the same and would shave a little off the distance. Climbing to Beinn na Lap was gentle and straightforward and I expected to have the top to myself. Instead, I arrived at the same time as a party of about fifteen who went on to celerbrate someone’s last munro. I politely declined the champagne and headed down through more bog towards the fireroad and rail tracks below.

From there, a lovely few kilometres of scenic track got me to the bottom of the vague ridge that climbs Stob Coire Easain. Really, I was a bit dumb – I should have carried on along the track until I got to the bottom of the Stob Ban descent, so that I could have climbed the same route as when running the whole round, but I was starting to feel it a bit and I just wanted to get back to the car. As it turned out, I was hit with a severe bout of tiredness on the climb, like I experienced on Ben Macdui a few months ago. After some food and five minutes off (and some digestion time) I felt a bit better, but it felt like a long climb up into the clouds. Stob a’ Choire Mheadhoin, the final hill, was nice and easy but the descent was not. It involved far too much traversing for my liking, which game me a really sore ankle. Eventually, enough was enough and I dropped down to the east and ran round the dismantled tramway back to the carpark.

So, mixed reactions to the day but generally all positive – made me realise that I really, really need to sort out the eating/food situation for longer runs and I would like to work out a better descent route to Fersit too. On the other hand, I wasn’t that tired when I got back to the car, having done a little over twenty miles and about 7500 feet of ascent, so I’m definitely getting fitter. Which is just aswell, because I’m starting to realise that this Ramsay’s Round thing, even without a time limit, is an absolute monster!

Route profile

I suspect the distance is over-estimated. I should really be using an SVG here, but some folks use IE (and I doubt they’d want to install the plugin).

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