October, 2005

Oct 05

Reason not to fart in public

I was going to call this post “Another reason not to fart in public”, but I realised that saving them up for this is the only good reason not to.

Today I discovered that you can make some excellent noises if you fart when skooshing your arse with the shower head.

Oct 05

Ben Cruachan

Running on Ben Cruachan

Life has been even more busy than usual for the last couple of months. Way too much to talk about here (and some stuff I don’t want to) which is a shame, but it’s been great – I’ve been out partying loads and made some really cool new friends and the latest couple of things we’ve worked on at work have been really satisfying. I haven’t biked as much as earlier in the summer, but I have started to get more into running and I’m hyped for some hardcore swim-bike-run action this winter.

Turns out I’m not the only climber getting into running recently – I met Mike T and Tom from SC on their way back from a run in the Pentlands the other day. Mike L has been getting out too and we decided to go for a quick traverse of the Aonach Eagach last weekend as a nice introduction to scampering about in the hills (we’ve got a half baked plan to go for the Cuillin Ridge in a day next year). Unfortunately the weather forecast wasn’t playing ball and, since 40mph winds and skinny ridges aren’t the best bedfellows, we decided to go for Ben Cruachan instead. More like fast and light mountaineering than full on fell-running, but it felt wicked. Any big hills I’ve been up recently have been with a bike on my shoulder and in previous years a sack full of climbing gear. With a little Camelbak and running shoes it was bouncy, it felt like dancing up the hill. Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games – on the summit ridge we got the full brunt of the wind and the snow was really stinging our faces. It got pretty damn cold and did a good job of highlighting the chinks in my clothing armour! Despite the hour of grim cold, we had a good time. We felt like we’d stepped straight out of a North Face catalogue and I think we’re both pretty inspired for getting more done.

Lessons learned:

  • Fast and light is a great feeling in the hills
  • Running with a Camelbak is surprisingly good
  • Decade old pertex tops with the windproof properties of a tea bag don’t cut it
  • Neither do the wooly gloves Gran knitted when I was wee