November, 2004

Nov 04

Firefox 1.0 is out

The Mozilla foundation have reached a stable version of their browser, Firefox. Personally, I’m much more of an Opera fan, but I realise that some people don’t really like the techy interface and features.

Although everyone seems to be have posted this news, frankly, the more people that aren’t using IE the better (at least until they release a more recent version). Don’t expect loads of Mozilla news from me, there are plenty of other people who are really into that sort of stuff.

Nov 04

Glentress, Innerleithan and what it’s not about

Doesn’t stuff like this make you cringe?

The Innerleithen Trail network is at a funny stage because the existing XC route is really only 2/3rds complete. If enough funding can be found the plan is to build another 3-4 sections of singletrack and then change the grade to a full on Black Route (as originally planned). The trail would be extended to take in a new descent down Bold Rig from the summit of the Minch, a technical climb to the top of Plora Rig and two more singletrack descents between there and home.

Riders that maybe dont like so much climbing or who want to avoid the more difficult sections will eventually be catered for by an easier Red Route that shares the same outward and return trails but misses much of the high ground and that object of love/hate, Plora Craig singletrack. Some new link trails will be needed before this can happen.

In the meantime I just stated the Grade of each section of singletrack and awarded an overall Red grade sos not to scare people off! Red Grade is after all Severe with a single climb limit of 500m. Easy Man!!

New trail will only appear if the Commission are successful with their fund sourcing efforts. Fingers crossed for next year.

One other thing, that muddy de-tour down the Forwarder track is being sorted as we speak. Bike washing will soon be a thing of the past.

Nov 04

Jenny’s birthday

I went out for a meal and some drinks at the Longniddry Inn – East Lothian, in case you were wondering – last night for Jenny’s (one of my nieces) 21st birthday. This is the second meal I’ve had there and can’t recommend it enough: reasonably priced and monster tasty portions, all served by a very good looking waitress. Kim, another of the niece brigade, had the pork, which I thought was wicked.

After that most of us headed out to the pubs in Haddington, not often a bright idea. That night was good though, something neat about drinking with nieces, sisters and friends at the same time.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY! You’ll definitely be older than me soon… :)

Nov 04


Likes, dislikes.

Apple and its approach (shitty) Copying off iPod…

Cory Doctorow fan, lecture, book links

Nov 04

First Edinburgh bus company

Generally, I love travelling. There’s something exciting about jetting around the world, I’m sad enough to really enjoy rail travel and even driving can be fun. I don’t, however, enjoy bus journeys. I’ve tried, I really have, but to no avail. Years of growing up with the infamous 106 into Edinburgh has instilled a deep hatred of all things bus. The 106 was my introduciton to First buses. The journey was painfully slow, taking an hour to cover just seventeen miles.

The service was terrible – often late and reduced to one bus per hour after 7pm. This would have just been palatable had all of the scheduled buses actually arrived at all. Even more infuriating was that the drivers going straight past your stop was a realtively frequent occurance. The 106 has now been replaced by the 44C/D, which takes exactly the same route with the added bonus of going through an extra housing estate in Musselburgh. Thankfully, it’s a journey I rarely, if ever, need to take. Commuters of Haddington, our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a 106/44D and my brain had forgotten most of the pain I suffered at the hands of First Edinburgh, which is why last night I found myself in the too-familiar situation of waiting at a bus stop three times longer than I should have for a bus. But this wasn’t the 106 – I had caught the bus out to Corstorphine with Neil for a meeting with someone about their web site and was trying to get back into town at 7PM. Of the three scheduled buses in that hour (yep, you’ve guessed it), two didn’t turn up and one drove straight past me! Thankfully, one did stop just a minute later. In that time approximately eight Lothian buses went past (how many number 26s exist? Do they breed?) and several airport buses too, but I wasn’t going to pay those bastards at First Edinburgh for a return ticket that I didn’t use. It was the early evening and I had a really hard time getting from a busy part of town to the town centre. That really is poor.

So here it is, my moan about First Edinburgh (no link, those bastards aren’t getting a pagerank boost from me). Let me re-iterate, because I doubt I was harsh enough above – I FUCKING HATE First Edinburgh. They are, without any doubt, the worst bus company I have ever had to use and I urge you to do your best to avoid travelling with them at all times. Please. And if there are any neds out there in who are out for some Buckfast fuelled vandalism tonight, First Edinburgh would be a great place to start.