Jun 2004

Well, it’s done.

As readers who aren’t reading this via RSS will probably have noticed, the site re-design is complete. Actually it’s only about 95% complete, but I got fed up with this version not being live as it has already taken much longer than expected and I want to get back to having time to write things occasionally!

What’s new then?

Quite a lot actually, although prepare to be bored by the next few sentences. Obviously the look of the site has changed quite a lot – I think the flowers and the colours are cool – and the CSS is pretty well supported across browsers. Big thanks to Stuart for coming up with the background and the header image, nice one man. The previous site templates were poor, so I’ve re-constructed them to use better valid markup (still not perfect, but getting there) and used the re-design as an opportunity to migrate to WordPress (more on that coming at some point). I’ve started to use a ‘link blog’ on the right of the main page for somewhere to put potentially interesting links for folk to read.

I’ve also added a little gallery to the site, something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. It’s not as complicated as the SC one, which is exactly what I wanted. I also added a few pages to the WP admin panel to add and manage photos so expect more to go up in the near future. These are quite hacky and specific to this site so I won’t be releasing the code for them. I will release a little plugin that allows you to run PHP in your posts though, just as soon as I get round to posting about it.

The referrer logging has gone, I was getting too much referrer spam! Hopefully the comments system is better and the comments, trackbacks and pingbacks are now integrated on a single post if that makes sense. I’ve now setup redirects for the RSS feeds (as promised ;)) and hopefully all of the previous permalinks. Please let me know if you spot anything like this that isn’t working.

What is still to do?

There are a few little things still to do. IE5/5.5 on the PC still has some little display problems that shouldn’t be too hard to fix and there are the inevitable little CSS tweaks here and there. The links page is still to come. I haven’t tackled this yet as I’m not exactly sure what I want – it’s a shame that WordPress doesn’t support nested link categories like it does for posts as I want it on links but not posts! I’ll get round to sorting out the search results page to somthing more sensible soon and a a link blog RSS feed would be cool too.

Phew! That’s all I can think of just now, but there is probably more. A post or two about WordPress coming soon.

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