Feb 2004

SC3 plans

As Mike has pointed out, we’ve been having a major re-think of the entire viewing experience of SC. After deciding to go down the line of massively linking all of our data it quickly became apparent that the current system of categorisation is not really all that ideal. We’re aiming for a system where users browse the site and are constantly presented with links to associated information. This, we hope, will make the site much better for browsing, especially for those who don’t know exactly what they’re looking for.

As well as linking the data we’ve got at ScottishClimbs, I’d also love to have related information from some of the other sites on the net. New routes are the first obvious choice where entering a route on another site would either automatically add it to the SC NRDB or just display it on the site, and vice-versa of course. Weather information would be another excellent resource to bring in from the specialised weather sites.

Of course this relies on the other sites actually wanting to take part in this (the incentive is that we would drive traffic to their site), but I think that aggregating data in this way is going to play a major part in the internet in the near future.

One problem with all this related information is where to put it all! We’re going to need to think hard about how to get everything onto the site without making the site too busy as screen real estate is in short supply. We’ve certainly got plenty to do!

The bare bones of the Admin Panel is nearly done and our focus is moving now to the implementation of the ‘SC Browser’ (or whatever it’s getting called) and the NRDB. I really want us to improve the usability of the NRDB and that’ll be another good challenge.

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