Jan 2004

Change of site address!

We’ve decided to move our blogs to different addresses and although I’ll setup re-directs from the current blogs these will expire at some point so please change your bookmarks and links once we’ve moved. We will be moving the sites over in the next couple of days so if anything goes funky, that’s why. The RSS feeds will also change locations.

This site will soon be located at mark.scottishclimbs.com

Mike Lauder’s site will be mike.scottishclimbs.com

EDIT: we’ve mostly shifted the sites over and have hopefully changed all our links. There might be a couple of trackbacks pointing to the wrong place, but I reckon it’s mostly OK. I’ve also reset my entry referrers for the new domain.


  1. Your summaries.rdf is still returning a 404 – how will i cope :P

  2. Very spooky, this arrived exactly when I was creating summaries.rdf