Jan 2004

ScottishClimbs re-structuring

There have been some good suggestions for SC3 on the forums which is excellent. Hopefully that thread will continue to produce more good ideas. Mike Lauder has also posted part 3 of his mini-series about the re-structuring, which is all about the NRDB this time. The new routes section is something that we really need to work hard on as it could be an excellent resource.

Mike and I have been thinking hard about how to make the data accessible in new (and hopefully better) ways and I think we’re starting to get there. Basically it’s looking like the site is heading towards completely integrating all of the data, almost exactly as James Sheffield and I had envisaged when we created the first database schema for the site back in the day. When I actually implemented the site though some things, like routes being on buttresses on crags, were dropped in favour of keeping things a little simpler for the user and in SC3 we need to make sure is still the case.

Proper integration of all our data could be excellent (think of looking at a crag and having all the related data to hand straight away) and I’m much more keen on implementing this than adding new features to the site, initially at least. One thing that has cropped up a couple of times on the forums is a site-wide search facility. Complete fulltext searching will definitely be implemented in SC3.

Unlike Mike I’d like to keep the conditions database to see if it will work. The current implementation was very rushed and is poor. Would be quite interesting to see if doing it again will see it get anymore use, although it is a low priority IMO. There are also a few nifty interface features and stuff we’d like to implement, but thinking about this stuff is a fair way away yet.

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