Jan 2004

Blog maintenance

Finally got round to re-coding the templates that Movable Type comes with to something a bit tidier and meaningful. Still not happy with the commenting system, but that’ll have to wait for a wee while I think. Donald, just for you I’ve added a summaries RSS feed :). Points awarded to any kiters who can name the famous kitesurfing spot I’ve used in the header. I’ve also taken Mike’s lead and setup a ScottishClimbs category as I can see it getting a lot of action in the next few months.

I’ve started getting stuck into the PHP for SC3. We’re still conceptualising the site itself, but it’s looking like it’s going to be epic and I can’t wait to get a beta version of the site working. Mike has been thinking about SC data structuring and has come up with some nifty ideas. Will be interesting to see what’s in part 3 of his series (hopefully tomorrow).

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