Nov 2003

St Andrews kite day and purple hair

Last night I had dinner at Potter’s house where he and his wife Diana made it seem like a good idea to try dye my hair blue. All was going well until we washed my hair and most of the colour parted company with my head leaving a kind of blue rinse effect…not cool. Hopefully this photo does it justice. If it doesn’t look that bad, it hasn’t done it justice!

Failed experiments in hair dye

Today Potter, John, Pedro and I went to the St Andrews kite day. Bad start to the day for Ped as I trapped and mangled his fingers in the door of the van – bad one, sorry mate! It was the first time I’ve been around kiting since I broke my back and it was actually pretty cool. Thankfully there was no wind (typical kite festival then) so nobody was looking like they were having too much fun. Was cool to speak to loads of folk I’ve not seen since the summer: like Kai from Flexi, all of the St Andrews crew, Iain from Twist and Turn and GPS Roj from PKD. Had a decent scran and some beers in St A’s which was a laugh then back in the van with the usual proper discussion on the way home :).

Tomorrow’s the day I’ve been waiting for for the last three months, I finally get to start taking my brace off – yippee (although it’ll probably be a total anti-climax)! It’s only for half an hour, but it’s a start and I’ll probably be glad to get it back on ‘cos I reckon it’s gonna hurt.

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