Nov 2003

“buggying is simply wrong”

Oh dear, how silly some people can be. ATBMag interviewed me for their latest issue which came out the other day. Seems someone isn’t too happy [Mell has deleted this thread but I saved a copy just before he did] with something I said. Quite entertaining actually. I’ll put it into context:

What made you take up KiteATB over other kite sports such as buggying or kitesurfing?
I kitesurf and kitesnowboard as well as mountain board and they all compliment each other really well, although kiteATB feels quite different because of the wheels. Buggying is simply wrong. When I started I just got a kite and didn’t really know what it was all about – KiteATB just looked cool.

Man, that wound someone up enough to post on a public forum! I think he/she needs to take up kiteATB :). Buggying does feel wrong to me though – you’re flying the kite off to one side, not in front of you. Buggies are more expensive, a pain to travel with and crap for jumping. Why anyone getting into the sport would choose three wheels over four is beyond me (OK, they go a wee bit faster, but you’ll soon get tired of that!).

I’ll hopefully get a copy when I get to the shop the morn, I’ve still not seen it.

One comment

  1. Hiya,

    I putchased a Blade III 4.0 last summer…and I got a buggy! I can see your point about the air side of things, but when you like things fast the buggy is the only way if you want to keep your hair dry ;) And as for getting bored…who would get bored with speed!

    Some of the guys in my locality get the best of both worlds, as they harness into the kite and strap into the buggy. Don’t think my bottle will gold out for that yet, but the future is bright (if somewhat limited ;)

    Anyways…each to their own, as long as you’re having fun!